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Qalam Hebr for Creative Writing Company is based on the principle of approaching and reaching segments of society in creative- cultural ways with the aim of enriching the cultural community and increasing literary integration by promoting the concept of creative writing. This is in an endeavour to highlight talents and enriching skills to increase promising intellectual production, and customized cultural events, in line with Qatar’s 2030 vision towards building a knowledge-based society. Qalam Hebr for Creative Writing is distinguished by organizing creative writing platforms that allow interaction, accompanying with seminars, workshops, entertaining, and other special events

Buthaina Al Janahi
Founder & CEO of Qalam Herb company for Creative Writing L.L.C
Hanadi Alshawafi
Project Coordinator

Qalam Hebr for Creative Writing believes in the need for a creative cultural platform that includes building bridges between writers and aspirants in the field of expression, exchanging experiences and experiences that would help build a society interested not only in reading, but in expression and the opportunity to unleash their creative intellectual potential in its various cultural forms. This is a pioneering platform that we believe is an integral part of keeping pace with the vision of our beloved country, Qatar, in building a knowledge-based society

Promoting cultural concepts under a platform that attracts youth towards knowledge and literature.

Empowering creative writing platforms in Qatar.

Attracting young people to cultural events in creative and contemporary ways.

Developing relations with the concerned institutions

  •    Panel Discussions
  •    Creative Writing Workshops
  •    Cultural- media productions
  •    Organizing other events
  •    Creative Platforms
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